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Clemens R. Scherzer, M.D.

Associate Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Biomarker Program

Associate Neurologist
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital

Email: cscherzer@partners.org


Postdoctoral Position in Computational Neuroscience

Research Assistant

How does the human genome program 86 billion highly specialized neurons in the human brain? How is this program disrupted by diseases of the brain? In the inter-disciplinary Neurogenomics Lab, genomicists, computational and clinical scientists use Big Data to search for the answers to these big questions. We use next-generation genomics technologies to identify the complete set of building blocks and instructions needed to make healthy human brain cells and to discover which are defective in Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. In our translational work we use genome, epigenome, metabolome, and digital health IT to develop a future personalized medicine for patients with Parkinson's and other neurologic diseases designed to diagnose and treat the right patient, with the right medicine, at the right time.

Genomic dark matter and personalized medicine

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